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Everything you need to know about personal makeup application

Did you ever wish you had the knowledge to apply your own makeup more confidently? Did you ever dream of becoming a makeup artist? This course is designed for beginners who want to learn fundamental basic makeup skills from professional makeup artists. In this course, you will learn how to create a flawless everyday makeup look in minutes, enhance your naturally beautiful features, and learn how to choose the best makeup products for the best results.
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What will you learn:


Kathy Blair's personal makeup tips and tricks

Kathy Blair, Professional Makeup Artist

Kathy Blair is a Los Angeles based professional makeup artist and founder of Blair makeup studio. Kathy has been doing makeup for luxury weddings, commercials, and fashion editorial photoshoots for over 20 years. During these years, During these years, she has become a well-known makeup artist and an educator in the makeup industry. With a very charismatic and friendly personality, she teaches clients worldwide how to apply flawless natural-looking makeup like a pro and how to create the best version of themselves.

Reviews by previous

This class was outstanding! After I was searching for a while for a good beginners makeup course online, I chose to complete one with Kathy. I had the most fantastic experience learning from her, and I’m so happy with my knowledge. I can now apply my makeup very fast, the right way, and feel glamorous every day. Kathy is a great teacher and incredibly knowledgeable.
Diane Jennings
The course explains how to apply makeup in ways I would have never thought are possible on an online course. I was completely clueless before! I learned so much and improved my skills dramatically! The products Kathy suggested are amazing as she said, they made a lot of difference. Great value for money! Highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn makeup.
Margie Welch

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